What is Vocalopalooza?

This is a directory for a lot of vocal-synth related stuff i've nabbed over the years. Including, but not limited to; graphics, vsqs/usts/svps/midis, lyrics, shrines, information, and more! Check out the directory for clearer pathways!

What is a Vocal Synthesizer?

Well, what is a vocal synth? Why should you be interested in this whole pizzazz? Well, by basic definition, a vocal synthesizer is a device that compiles different sounds to create singing/speech. This includes an array of things, from text-to-speech all the way to world-renowed popstar Hatsune Miku. Vocal synthesis technology made to sing will be the main focus of Vocalopalooza, however, this does not mean I won't occasionally talk about talking synths. Gumi talk, Gynoid talk, Voiceroid, AI Talk, just to name a few! When it comes to singing synths though, my knowledge is a lot more in depth. You may be thinking, isn't this just a page about Vocaloid? Hatsune Miku? Well... Yes! But also no. This isn't just about Vocaloid, Miku, and Cryptonloids. There's so much more to singing synths than just Vocaloid! If you read up, you might learn!